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Roberta Espinosa

Carioca, cantora e compositora Roberta Espinosa começou a cantar em peças musicais aos 16 anos.

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With successful seasons, singing in major show houses in Lapa (RJ), Roberta Espinosa launches album with songs copyrighted in 2015.

You put together jazz, ciranda, funk and ijexá, and put it on samba. This is the sound of Roberta Espinosa. In childhood - born in Rio in 1986 – She heard Tim Maia and Paulinho da Viola, influenced by her father, her relayed mother’s acutes and the sambas recorded by Elis Regina. A singer, a songwriter and an actress, Roberta Espinosa studied at the School of Music Villa-Lobos in Rio de Janeiro and at the Tablado Theater for six years. She began singing in musicals at age 16. Starred in "Raul: Metamorfose Ambulante" at the Ipanema Theater in 2003.

From the stage to the samba circles, Roberta has done special participation in samba circles as, O Samba do Trabalhador with Moacyr Luz, GaloCantô, Casuarina, among others. She still starred in shows groups of Casuarina, Batuque na Cozinha, Trilogia Carioca and with the singers Ana Costa and Elisa Addor. She has performed at the Softel Hotel and Othon Palace Hotel in Rio, with the composer Otavio Santos (piano).

"With a voice that blends bass and treble providing a different timbre in her interpretations”, synthesized Marcelo Eloi of the Group Toque de Arte.

She is Samba

In 2007, she set up her first show: voice, 7-string guitar, cavaquinho, flute and percussion. In her repertory, relics of others carnivals: "Devagar com a Louça" (Haroldo Barbosa / Luiz Reis), "Barracão de Zinco" (Luiz Antonio Magalhães and Oldemar Magalhães), "Samba da Minha Terra" (Dorival Caymmi), "Opinião” and “Eu Sou o Samba" (both of Zé Kéti), among others.

But in the Roberta Espinosa’s stage, she also sings reinterpretations of "Olhos Coloridos" (Macau), "Feira de Mangaio" (Sivuca) and "Gostava Tanto de Você" (Tim Maia). The following year, Roberta Espinosa has opened shows of Edu Kriguer, Garrafieira, Moinho da Bahia, Gafieira Carioca and Empolga às 9.

In 2008, she has opened a show for the Republican Orchestra in Circo Voador (show house), she shared the stage with Emanuelle Araújo from Bahia and with the Arlequins do Rio’s group, which was founded by Roberta. In the same year, the group won a carnival band contest promoted by Riotur. With her group, she performed at the Cinemathèque Jam Club in Botafogo, South Zone of Rio. She also participated in the project "Who does Samba" at the Cultural Center of the Federal Court and "Culture in the Square," promoted by the Department of Culture from Niterói.

In the Odisséia Theatre in Lapa, she has starred in the project "Voices of Lapa" and in the Hard Rock Cafe (RJ), she performed during the "Quintarte." Roberta has done seasons singing in bars and in importants show houses like, Sacrilégio, Bar da Ladeira and Rio Scenarium with all the tickets sold out. The last show of the project, four seasons have been with the show "Em Estado de Samba".

She is Bossa Nova

On her show "Canta na Bossa que ela é Nossa" she interprets classics of the genre as "Influência do Jazz" (Carlos Lyra) and "Este Teu Olhar" (Tom Jobim). With the repertoire bossa novista, Roberta has performed in Rio Scenarium and Shopping Leblon during an event promoted by GNT channel (Globosat) with the musicians Rodrigo de Marsillac (keyboards), Miguel Couto (drums) and Sergio Castanheira (bass and arrangements).

She Puts the Block on the Street

In 2009, she joined her samba circle and her trio of Bossa Nova and launched the New Show. Roberta Espinosa and her Banda Bloco na Rua (Band Block on the Street) premiered with crowded seasons in the Odisséia Theatre, in 2009 and 2010.

With Elza Soares

In November 2011, Roberta Espinosa had the honor to be singing with the Diva Elza Soares on the stage of Rival, in the season called Tulipa Negra (Black Tulip). With Elza Soares, Roberta did a duet on the song Fadas, composition of Luis Melodia and arrangement of João de Aquino.

With Sambailaço

Wanting to expand the horizon of Samba, Roberta started to study deeply about the Samba-Rock and formed her new band, Sambailaço whose blowing arrangements of the show are Rodrigo Revell.

Multiple sounds on the debut album in 2015

Listed as one of the talents of the new generation of MPB, Roberta focuses on producing her first independent album, scheduled for release in 2010. She signs six compositions: the tasty “ Descaminhos” and “Aonde está meu Rio” - Roberta wrote this song along with her sister Luisa Espinosa, age 10 – the contemporary ciranda “Promises” and “Samba que Samba”. With the singer and songwriter Marcio Local, she wrote the song “Fala”. With the musician Dom Oliveira, she composed the songs “Melhor que Ninguém” and “Deixa Chegar”, this one was signed by Thais Alves. Roberta also has presented two new songs on the TV show Happy Hour (GNT), on the show Estudio I (Globo News) and on the Alternativa Saúde (GNT).

Expanding the horizon of the new and modern MPB, Roberta brings to the stage reinterpretation of consecrated samba with a touch of soul. Her repertoire is democratic. Go from Bossa-Nova to Samba-Funk through regional music into a successful merging of multiple sounds.

Binary compass and syncopated rhythm. It is necessary charisma and seductive timbre. On stage, Roberta shows why she deserves all the compliments she has received. It's impossible you don’t fall in love with her Samba!